The Toyama Sexual Violence Support Center
Free of charge #8891/0120-8891-77(If you cannot connect to the number above, please call 076-471-7879/for a fee)

Sexual violence tends to increase during disasters. If something happens, don’t keep it to yourself.

The Toyama Sexual Violence Support Center

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If you were a victim of sexual violence... Do you think that you can talk about it to no one? Are you worrying that you don’t know what to do, all alone? Are you thinking that it was your fault?The only person at fault is your abuser.You are not alone.Please start talking about whatever you can say.We will protect your privacy. We are open for consultations from anyone, regardless of gender or sexuality.

●What is sexual violence?

When anyone, in any situation, does something sexual that makes you feel uncomfortable,

that is sexual violence.

For example…

  • They touch your body, or make you touch their body
  • They force you to kiss them or have sex with them
  • They show you obscene pictures, take obscene pictures of you


The Toyama Sexual Violence Support Center is open for phone consultations or meetings with victims of sexual violence/assault and their families.

  • Consultations can be anonymous.
  • Consultations are free.
  • We will protect your confidentiality.
The Support Center does not have an interpreter. Please have someone who can speak Japanese call on your behalf. If you cannot have someone who can speak Japanese call for you, an interpreter can be dispatched to the center. To do so, please contact us with your name, phone number, and the desired language. We will coordinate a schedule with the interpreter and get back to you.

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